led tv

تلویزیون led اندرویدی صنام


Android 4.2
Qwerty Remote (Air Mouse & Persian/Persian Keyboard)
Hotspot ability
A+ Grade LED Panel
Full HD (1080P)
Connecting Internet Via Wi-Fi & LAN
Support Webcam
Support Android Application Via USB, SD & Wi-Fi
Built In DVB-T
Time Shift
Record on USB
Play Movie & Music / Show Photo / Read Text
Inputs: HDMI x3،  USB x3، SD، LAN، CI، VGA، PC Audio، COM mini، AV mini، SCART و  RF
Outputs: Coaxial,  Headphone

تلویزیون led صنام


FULL HD 1920*1080
A+ Grade LED Panel
High Contrast
Wide angle 178°
Built-in digital tuner DVB-T
Time Shift
Storage of programs on USB memory
USB2.0 supported by multi-media player
Farsi and English language teletext storage capacity of 1000 pages
Input : USB x2، HDMI x3،CI، VGA،PC Audio،Com mini،AV mini، SCARTوRF
Output : Coaxial - Headphone

sanam led tv

تلویزیون led صنام


Full HD (1080P)
A+ Grade LED Panel
High Contrast
Supports 16 million colours
178 degrees Viewing Angle
Speaker Sterio
2 Remote controls
Setup on wall
Adaptor needless
Built In DVB-T
Time Shift
Record on USB
Play Movie & Music / Show Photo / Read Text
Inputs: HDMI،USB ، VGA، PC Audio، Component، AV و RF
Outputs: Headphone,Coaxial
1000 Pages Teletext (Full Page)

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