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Miscellaneous Information:


Head Office : no. 4, oghli st., shahed blv., tehranpars.

 Phone: 40770051-40770015 (head office)

Fax: 40770064 (head office)

Sales ofiice:

Phone: 40770198

Fax: 40770590

SMS : 10000055


Factory : Abbasabad Industrial city, Tehran

Phone: 36425618

Fax: 36425619



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فروش محصولات صنام فروش محصولات صنام فروش محصولات صنام

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  • Head office:no. 4, khalehoghli st.,shahed blvd, tehranparse.
  • Head office 40770051-40770015
  • Head office 40770064
  • sales office 66489529-66489781
  • 40770214
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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