There has been a remarkable growth regarding Global Trading in the recent years as well as the technological advances and changes in transportation, and Information technology. A significant decrease in the number of trading obstacles and free market economies, particularly in the developing countries, has given this procedure such a dramatically rapid growth. Audiovisual appliances are regarded as bare essentials of people in terms of getting provided with useful facts, ideas, and news about sciences and technologies, skills, entertainment and so on so forth. There have also been remarkable growths in the number electricity-supply networks together with producing and commissioning hundreds of local, regional and universal transmitters and receivers. These advances are so developed that the dream of joining the Global Village has scientifically come true in this ground. In Iran, manufacturing audiovisual products started in early 1960s. Sanam Electronics Corporation began producing Colour-Television sets name-branded SANAM in the year 1993. Regarding the specific conditions in the Iranian market during 1993- 1996, mainly faced up with low supply at the time; therefore, the decision made was to continue furthering the operations in such a comprehensive way. Pursuant to this change of plan, the production, supplying under-warranty products, trading, research and development by which the policies of Sanam Electronics developed.

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فروش محصولات صنام فروش محصولات صنام فروش محصولات صنام

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